Rapid Results Initiative For Issuance Of Kenyan Citizenship and Permanent Residence

Rapid Results Initiative For Issuance Of Kenyan Citizenship and Permanent Residence

The ministry of Interior and Coordination of The National Government is currently in the process of clearing the backlog on applications of citizenship and those of permanent residence permits. This program is scheduled to end on July 31st 2021.

The initiative targets the following criteria of persons.

  1. Kenyan citizens who hold dual nationalities or citizenship.
  2. Kenyans who lost their citizenship before the promulgation of new 2010 constitution.
  3. Kenyans who had voluntarily renounced their Kenyan Citizenship.
  4. Spouses of Kenyan citizens.
  5. Investors who have currently applied for permanent residence permit and Kenyan citizenship.

To apply for Kenyan citizenship or permanent residence permit, applications should be submitted online through https://fns.immigration.go.ke

Citizenship applications can be sent directly to: kenya.citizenship@immigration.go.ke

Hard copies of the said applications should be submitted to the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, No 21, Sarv Street, off Vali-e-Asr Avenue (Upper Mirdamad, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran) for onward transmission to the Directorate of Immigration Services, Nairobi.


Further inquiries and information can be obtained through the following dedicated Mobile Numbers:

For Citizenship: +254114650641

Permanent Residence Permit: +254113599840

Please visit our website www.kenyaembassytehran.ir

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