Import & Export Procedures

Import & Export Procedures


Importation in Kenya involves a series of documentations and procedures that must be adhered to by the importer.

Preparing Import Documentation

It is advisable to use the services of a clearing agent who can facilitate the process of preparing the necessary Customs documents. The KRA has introduced a new system for enhancing effective declaration and tracking of consignments known as Integrated Customs Management System
(ICMIS) which has replaced the aging SIMBA TradeX system. Only registered clearing agents who
have undergone customs training are allowed to access the system. You will need to provide them with the originals of the documents received from your supplier. The clearing agent can ensure that
all the required documentation is attached and submit it, on your behalf, to the Customs Services Department.


To Export means to take or cause to be taken out of the Partner State. In accordance with the provisions of Sec.73 of the EACCMA 2004, goods for Exportation shall be entered (declared) in the prescribed manner and the owner furnish customs with the full particulars, supported by
documentary evidence, of the goods referred to in the entry. The goods declared shall be exported within thirty days from the date of entry.

Download the full import export procedure here and you can also review the products directly through here