Name Change in Passport

Anyone who wishes to do a name change either through marriage, divorce or deed poll should apply for a new passport and would require the following:

  • Name change as a result of marriage should provide a copy of marriage certificate duly certified and registered at your local county clerk’s office.
  • In case any partner had a previous marriage, proof of dissolution will be required.
  • In case of divorce, forward divorce decree duly authenticated.
  • Name change other than above, forward deed poll (document prepared and registered at the Registrar of Documents in the Ministry of Lands in Nairobi) and a copy of Kenya Gazette effecting name change.
  • Corrections of date of birth and/or place of birth, forward a copy of Birth certificate both sides that was used to acquire the passport (bearing the stamp from Immigration Department) and original expired passport if any.

Additional documents may be requested depending on a particular case.