Bomet Delegation Visits Kenya Embassy Tehran

Bomet Delegation Visits Kenya Embassy Tehran

A delegation of ten senior officials from the Bomet County Government led by His Excellency Governor, Dr. Hillary K. Barchok visited the Islamic Republic of Iran from 11th to 19th October, 2020. During their visit, the delegation held several meetings/discussions with government officials and private stakeholders, deliberating on the challenges faced in the Iranian market for tea export. Further, opportunities for Kenyan farmers to diversify export product to coffee, bananas, avocados and mangoes among others were discussed.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the top consumer of tea in the world and the demand for tea has continued to grow. Kenya’s exports to Iran are single product driven; Tea accounts for over 90 percent of Kenya exports to the country. Besides other counties in Kenya, 80% of Bomet residents do farming and 75% of the farms are tea plantations.


Engagement with the Arak Chamber of Commerce

While ending his Arak tour His Excellency the Ambassador met and engaged the business community and members of Arak Chambers of Commerce, Mines and Industry led by the Vice President,

Visiting factories and manufacturers in Arak city

The Ambassador later visited Iran Combine manufacturing Company (ICMCo), a leading manufacturer of wheat and rice combine machines in the region. The Ambassador shared Kenya’s interest in the machines and

Ambassador’s official visit to Arak city, Markazi Province

On 20th August, 2023- His Excellency the Ambassador visited Arak city at the invitation the Arak chambers of Commerce, Agriculture, Mines and Industry. He was received by Dr Mirzakhani, Deputy